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**No compensation was received for this review, however, I was granted free access + $50 game card to use at my visit**

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to visit Gattitown Lexington to do a review. This was done/achieved through

We went on a Saturday, and while it was extremely busy, it did not take away from the fun that we had!

Gattitown offers a large buffet style selection of all you care to eat pizza, pasta, salad, dessert, and drink. They offer both Coke and Pepsi products! I thought that was pretty awesome. They have a few different themed rooms that you are able to dine in.

  • There is a sports room, WGTV, with a big screen tv to watch whatever big sporting event that is going on at that time.
  • A movie room, FunFlix, also with a big screen to watch movies, and the room is darkened to give it the theater feel.
  • Town Hall a more quite relaxed place to eat, and the best spot for reserved parties, business meetings, etc.
  • Cafe, which is basically just the regular dining room you are used to.

What is so great about Gattitown is that there is something for everyone. There are different experiences for different occasions. Here are some things listed on the brochure I received:

IMG_7199 IMG_7198 IMG_7195 IMG_7194 IMG_7193

*FUNdraiser – If you schedule yours on a Monday – Thursday from 5-8pm, Gattitown will provide you with custom artwork so that you may use to promote your event!

*Birthday Parties – Party packages start at $189.00 + tax. And add-ons (such as extra balloons or buffets) begin at $1.00 and go up.

For more info check out their website!

Our Specific Experience:

When you first arrive you come to a place to pay, and then you have to go through turn stiles giving it a theme park feel! There is a large area in the middle of the room that serves drinks, the buffet is huge, and close by. And all the different dining areas are surrounding that. You can also see straight back to the “Midway” game room, with a great view of the Carousal. It was extremely busy, as we went on a Saturday in February, and since its too cold outside for kids to play outside, they flock to indoor fun spaces such as Gattitown. The food was delicious, and the people in the front where we pay were very helpful and kind. After we ate, we made our way back to the enormous game room! Complete with 150+ games, a carousel, bumper cars, a bounce house (42″ and under), a few air hockey tables (including one for small kids), and more!  Needless to say, the girls went wild and ran all over the place choosing which game to play next.

B’s favorite was probably the bounce house, she loves to jump. A really enjoyed the Merry Go Round, and kept saying “horse” every time we got anywhere close to it.

Another favorite was a game (Idk the name) that you throw balls at a screen and hit the objects that pop up on the screen. (Think Whack a Mole-New Age) there were different “themes”, a paintball fight were you throw the balls at the people shooting paint-balls at you, a candy store, whack a mole, and my person favorite – the kitchen – where you just throw balls like crazy and break as many things as possible in the kitchen, lol. We all enjoyed that game, possible a little too much.

I love that there were so many of the same games, like ski ball – there was probably 7 or 8 at least. That way you aren’t constantly waiting to take a turn, there is enough for everyone!
There are also a TON of claw machines. Normally, I stay away from those, but we thought we would give it a shot. My husband won a cup with a bunch of tickets inside, and me and the girls got super lucky at the dinosaur claw machine and walked away with, not 1, not 2, but 5 dinosaurs!! Woot Woot!


B wanted to ride on the seat – lol – A wasn’t happy with that choice.


bumper cars


Mini Air Hockey


This was def a fun experience and we will for sure go back. I have already recommended this to a few friends of mine!



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February 17, 2016
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