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Let’s get messy! – Was apparently my goal today when I woke up. It’s been on my agenda to me some “slime” for the girls to play with, and today feel finally did it.

I had 2 different recipes that I had found online. So I tried each to figure out which I like better. And since Valentine’s Day is this weekend, we decided to make Valentine Slime. Has a good ring to it!


For our first batch we used this recipe:


– 1 bottle of Elmer’s Glue 8 oz. (clear, white or glitter)
– 1/2 cup water
– 1/2 cup liquid starch (I used Sta-flo from Walmart MUCH cheaper than Amazon.)
food coloring, confetti, sprinkles, liquid water colors, glitter, etc.
– 2 bowls or containers for mixing
– spoon
– another bowl or container for playing


First bowl, mix 1/2 cup of water and the full bottle of glue.
Add your coloring and glitter and whatever else for extra pizzazz.
Pour 1/2 cup of liquid starch in the second bowl.
SLOWLY pour the glue/color mixture in the liquid starch bowl.
Mix with spoon, and then start using your hands to mix.

IMG_6675 IMG_6673

*This method was too watery in my opinion BUT the more you play with the slime, the liquid slowly started getting soaked up so it still turned out awesome.

The next recipe was much better, less watery. We were able to get the consistency we wanted a lot quicker.


For our second batch we tried the recipe from Two-Daloo.

– 1 Bottle Elmers Glue (clear, white, or glitter)
– 1/2 – 1/3 cup liquid starch
food coloring or liquid water colors
glitter, sprinkles, confetti etc.
– 2 bowls for mixing
– 1 bowl for playing
– 1 spoon

IMG_6684 IMG_6685

Pour your glue into a bowl.
Add coloring, glitter etc.
SLOWLY add small amounts of starch at a time while stirring.

IMG_6688 IMG_6693

We made pink for the first batch and blue for the second, so when they mix it made purple!

♥ ♥



This is how it looked the next day after it mixed more! Perfect!




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  • Reply Jess Powell (Babi a Fi)

    This looks like so much fun!

    February 13, 2016 at 3:35 pm
  • Reply Betty

    Wow, this is something I am going to have to try with my kiddos. I saw your blog via Nikki’s Blog and Bus Facebook Group Page. Lovely site. Would you consider sharing this lovely post on my blog hop?

    March 14, 2016 at 8:08 am
    • Reply Whitney

      Awesome! Thank you so much! I would absolutely love to share it on the blog hop! 🙂

      March 14, 2016 at 11:04 am

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