Got Gnats? Get rid of them – easy! (Using things you probably already have.)

Yesterday I went into the kitchen and discovered gnats. We don’t (but probably need) an outside trash can; so all leftover food we have goes into the trash. Luckily its never a lot of food, just the mess that A makes around her high chair and things like that. We always have a gnat or two flying around, it’s irritating, but I hardly notice them. Yesterday, however, there were BILLIONS of them. No, I’m joking, there were probably 20 though, honestly. Which is quite a bit. They were surrounding my sink, I’m not sure why, there was nothing that dirty in there. So, needless to say I was desperate to find an easy solution. I searched Pinterest of course, because where in life would one be without Pinterest? I came across an easy recipe that I got from Sweet T Makes Three and decided to try it out.


All you need is:

  • A wide mouth jar or bowl
  • sugar (about 1 teaspoon)
  • vinegar (about 2 tablespoons)
  • dish detergent (about 4 drops)
  • water
  • plastic wrap
  • knife
  • rubber band (I didn’t use one, but next time I will)


I did not have a wide mouth jar handy, but did have these crazy bowls that I used for my baby shower back in 2012. I’ve never been able to find a use for them since, but here is the perfect solution! Like I said, I was desperate bc the gnats were swarming my face, they must have know what I was doing. So I didn’t use any certain measurements, I just threw everything together. However, it may have been better if I did take the time to measure everything, according to recipe I found on Pinterest.



First, I poured some vinegar into the bowl, and added some sugar. Then I added a small amount of dish detergent in there, and stirred it all up. Then I added some water to fill the bowl up a little more and placed it where I wanted my “Gnat Trap” to be. I then stretched the plastic wrap over the bowl, and made one larger hole in the middle using a knife, and smaller holes all around.



This is kind of a slow process, once you’ve made your Gnat Trap, but it def gets the job done. You’re just basically waiting for the gnats to take the “bait”. I let my trap sit for 24 hours exactly and I caught 13 gnats, so I’m very happy with my results! 🙂




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October 15, 2015
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