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We have just recently learned of another amazing company with great products! Rockabye rockers have proven to be a big hit around my house. My 5 year old, and 3 year old play with them all day long! I know my 3 month old will eventually come to love them, but for now, she only cares about sleeping, and eating. What’s more important than that anyways, right?

Back to these great rockers. I recently contacted the company and was interested in reviewing these products. They sent me their products that I am beyond pleased with! The quality of these rockers are outstanding. My wild 3 year old won’t even destroy them, at least, most likely won’t.

What I especially love about these, is the age range that they are a good fit for. The Rockers are very low to the ground and soft and cushy, making them ideal for one year olds that aren’t balanced just right yet. They are also wide, and very sturdy, enough to support the playtime of my 5 year old. They are extremely beautiful in design. I love their whimsical designs such as, Dragon, Owl, Butterfly and a Unicorn.

These rockers can be personalized with a name engraved on the base, and you can choose to have the name colored in or not. I ordered one with the name, and it’s so beautiful! I didn’t choose a color, but the engravement is so pretty on the base. I’m so glad I got this, and I got Grace’s first name on there. She deserves more than just hand-me-downs, so now she has a brand new rocker.

When I received this, I was surprised to learn that they also play music! They have 4 buttons on the back of the rockers head, each playing a different song. So neat! Also, another additional feature, on the kangaroo Rocker, the mommy kangaroo has a baby kangaroo in her pouch. My 5 year old actually played with this part more than the rocking. She likes to play pretend and talk to her animals and toys and things.

Overall these are an incredible addition to your child’s room. The quality of both the fabric and the wood are exceptional. Not to mention they are super cute. And they have so many different characters to choose from!

About Rockabye

The wood is made from high quality maple or cherry.

The fabric is high quality and made in the USA. (The fabric skins are imported, but everything is assembled together here in the US).

Each Rocker has 4 songs that are easily played.

Each Rocker supports at least 80 pounds easily.



I’m so blessed to be blogging and am able to collaborate with awesome companies and the people that are involved.

Check out their website here.


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June 22, 2017
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