Little Adventures Dress Up, Photo Shoot + Play = Fun on a beautiful day!

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Recently I was introduced to this fabulous company, Little Adventures.
I have to say that I’m completely blown away by their products. They feature very detailed, beautiful dress ups, which are soft, washable and so much fun.

They are the same price if not cheaper than any Halloween costume your going to find at any given store. But what makes them stand out is that the material is not the normal, scratchy mess that most costumes have. These are nice enough to play all day in, as well as wearing them when you go out and about! The girls may or may not have, even slept in their dresses.

I love that they have a wide selection to choose from, for young children to adults, even matching dresses for your dolls! Their outfits are all machine washable as well, so bring on the outside playtime!

Seriously, I know that I may be a tad bias, but, I have to say, I think these two are the most beautiful princesses in the world. Just look how happy and comfortable they are! These gorgeous dresses are very lightweight, so they are perfect for summer weather! Just as well though, you can also add-on different cloaks or capes, and long fancy princess gloves to the outfit, making it great for colder weather too!  You can also purchase fullness slips to fill out the dresses as a great affordable price.

The dress ups for boys are super awesome, they have a whole range of cool items for boys, as well as girls they aren’t into the whole princess thing!

I especially love the wide selection they have, the affordability, and the great quality of their items. It’s obviously that these are made with great care, in my opinion.
Check out their website, and here is an exclusive code for 15% off your purchase!

*I received these amazing products in exchange for a review on my blog, and sharing on social media. My opinions are my own, and I truly hope you love this company and their awesome stuff, as much as we do!

Hey! Check them out on social media too!

Instagram: @littleadventuresdressups

Twitter: @littleadv

Facebook: Little Adventures Dress Ups


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