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Wow so it has been so long since I’ve posted on here. I feel absolutely HORRIBLE for neglecting my blog!

But what can I say, when life gets in the way? I have been trying so hard to put more time into this and make a few changes to keep this blog exactly how I like it. Now I’m ready to post and commit to it again.

When I was here last, I had just recently joined ItWorks! It was a fun experience and their products are AWESOME! But same with that, life got in the way, and it was also put on the back burner. So I am no longer a part of that company unfortunately. Maybe one day I can join back with them.

Not long after I joined ItWorks, my grandma was put into the hospital for a brain aneurysm. It was not a fun experience, for her or for us. I’ll be posting more on the aneurysm later. But she was in the hospital for a couple of months, and I’m so thankful to say that she has made a FULL RECOVERY! She’s a walking miracle for sure.

Then, not long after spending countless hours, days and nights, in the hospital, I discovered we are pregnant with our third baby! Yay! I say “yay” because I absolutely cannot wait to have my new little one here with me, but this pregnancy hasn’t been fun at all! I have been sick the whole time.

Tomorrow, I will be 33 weeks with my 3rd baby girl. We are beyond ecstatic to finally meet her. I beyond excited to stop being so sick. Ha!

So when I said “life got in the way”, I meant it! Besides a new baby being added to our wonderful family, we will also be moving into a new house in the next week or two. I have decided to homeschool my sweet girls. And I will also be getting my tubes tied after I give birth. I will be posting about all these topics, so expect plenty more posts in the future!


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March 2, 2017
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